Techni Color Turtle Printed Yoga Mat

We took our top selling “Go with the Flow Turtle” Printed Yoga Mat, and brightened it up! Many have told us that after a tiring day at work, the bright colors energize them, and help get them through their yoga practice. It’s a good substitute for caffeine!

7 Chakra Heaven Yoga Mat

All seven of the chakra symbols are featured on this beautiful red yoga mat. The chakra orbs with a purple mountainous back ground will enhance your energy, and may even take you to chakra heaven!

Flower Power Yoga Mat

Flower Power, Peace, Love. It all started in the 60’s, and this yoga mat honors that time period. People were becoming more enlightened, more concerned about one another, and even started getting into yoga!

New Fish Wish Yoga Mat

A fish that dreamed it was a butterfly, and as a butterfly, dreamed it was a fish. It’s based on an old proverb, and we should all be careful what we wish for! One thing we can certainly wish for is to be kind to others, stay calm and relaxed, while being diligent in our yoga practice!

Cosmic Breath Yoga Mat

As you attain a meditative state in your yoga practice, one can go deep into the cosmos, but don’t forget to Breathe!

Add a magical mantra to your yoga practice with this extraordinary yoga mat.

Breathing is so important in yoga and in everyday life itself.

Cat Cow Yoga Mat

Now available on a delicious chocolate mat! Ink is an off white with a just a sprinkle of orange. This modern art rendering captures the kinetic movement of the cat cow yoga pose. This pose creates ideal spinal alignment from head to pelvis. From Leopard spots to Cow print, the movement flows through the hourglass of time, reminding us of the beautiful flow of life itself!

Oragami Cranes

An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish such as long life, prosperity and good health, and be known to give a thousand years of happiness and prosperity. We think folding 1000 origami cranes is a lot of work, though, and suggest buying the Origami Crane mat instead!