I’d like to talk a little about sustainability and carbon footprint.

Now we make an eco friendly product with very low toxins. Some are making other eco friendly mats, made out of rubber that is recyclable. This is all a good first step, but there is more to be done.

Remember, often the recycling process uses a lot of energy, which puts greenhouse gasses back into the environment. So we think the type of recycling that reuses the product, vs. processing it is better. So we recommend checking out ReDux Goods(see links we like) where they use old yoga mat material to make laptop bag padding, or our own Renew and Recycle program, as a better alternative.

To minimize the carbon footprint of the company, I chose a location of only around 800 square feet, that is in easy walking distance to many shops and stores including Whole Food Markets in Boulder, so I could deliver my product on foot without driving. For on line orders, I use a folding hand cart, to carry packages to the local shippers near by. These are factors not usually taken into account on determining how green a product really is.

Finally practicing vegetarianism and vegan-ism, not only reduces greenhouse gasses, it also helps free up more food to feed the worlds growing population, and saves a lot of water as well. I practice this along with yoga for my health and well being, too.

I feel that by living simply, not using more space or fuel than is needed, eating more vegetables and less processed food , and recycling by reusing instead of processing, that one can significantly reduce one’s carbon footprint.

Now I know not every wants to do all these things, but please remember to look at the entire picture, before determining how green a product or company is.